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"Learn How To Build Your Own Solar Panels/Solar Power Kits, To Cut Your Energy Bill & Live Off The Grid.."

An in-depth look at DIY home solar power systems and how it can help you save thousands of dollars off energy costs..

John Anderson Asked: How can I save money on electricity and go off the grid with home solar power?

If you arrived at this website, the main question you are probably asking yourself is: is it easy, and affordable to build solar panels for your home, to slash your electricity costs? The short answer is yes, but there is more to it..

Solar panels are actually being used more and more commonly across the world, and experts predict that by 2030, the majority of houses worldwide will be solar powered, I believe this.
How much money can you actually save though? Ok..A lot of online advertisements claim you will cut your energy bill completely, this is slightly untrue, however, a savings of 75% is very possible if you use solar panels to power the majority of your household appliances. Simple solar power kits can get you to this stage, if you are willing to spend about $70-$150 on simple materials. (This is a huge saving, considering a full solar installation can cost up to $20,000, which if you ask me, is not worth it).

Feel free to read the subpages of this website to learn about solar cells and how solar panels work, we also recommend reading our review on Power Freedom below. This was proven to be our best "how-to" solar panel/installation guide. We found that they offer a step-by-step DVD, as well as fully illustrated instruction manuals. Most of our visitors claim this was the reason they managed to go off the grid. Please spread the word if you experience this to.  We have a little review below on Power Freedom, if you would like to follow this route.

Power Freedom

Power Freedom is by far the best and most easiest, in-depth guide for making/installing solar panels on the market, which was proven by our extensive research. If your goal is to make solar panels and go "off-the grid", this is your best pick. This guide takes you by the hands and shows you exactly how to set up your own solar and wind power system, as quickly and easily as possible. The owners break everything down into packed dvds with full illustrations and photos, as well as software. This guide is aimed at anyone, and is easy for a novice to follow.

Power Freedom will guide you through the whole process step-by-step, of assembling your first solar panel, and exactly how you can make a whole bunch of panels, from easily accessible materials. The total cost to make your first own DIY solar power system can be as little as $70..which is a steal! if you consider how much it could save you over the years..and the fact that solar installation companies charge as much as $20,000 to install a system in your home. We hope you find our website useful and the resources. We recommend visiting The Power Freedom Website  - to purchase the system and get started building your first solar panel! Good Luck :)